If you are looking for high quality, reliable & valuable information, TheAffiliatePool.com@68ProductionsLLC. will go out of its way to provide our clients the attention, they deserve and expect, when looking for expert information with regards to marketing jobs & software , opportunities, alternative education information and many other niche market products; we are completely respectful to the process of being an aspiring new online entrepreneur and wanting to be successful.

​​** Our Information is gathered from high value, highefficient quality affiliate partnerships over the course of several years so our audience can enjoy authentic opportunity ​in today's online market...**

TheAffiliatePool.comCompany Five Main Goals
​Our Compliance to Affiliate Partners, Advertiser's, Clients & Customers...

* Provide Additional Quality Education for MakingMoney as an Entrepreneur or new business by Coaching, Training and Consulting through on-line free beginner based platforms in marketing & advertisement, Optimization (SEO) and profile building; Small Business Social Media Management and Development Consultations​

* Make available access to free tools, information and consultation related to profile building for new clients, consolidate and/or remove un-needed operating expenses to allow productive growth and developement for their company online

* Help clients use the previous skills and knowledge they already have working with previous industry. This allows a maximized business potential for on-line representation of themselves while spending less and expanding potential business successes.

* I help clients establish good business partnerships by networking, educational platform introductions and Niche market planning.

* Show clients a clear and concise road to take from the beginning, We help maximize each potential for future success for online start-up business entrepreneurs.


Our #1 Company GOAL is to provide superb quality with regards to each of the following covered subjects on all of our website pages; online small business, affiliate marketing, niche marketing (this includes many subjects outside of "Online Alternative Education" like electronics, food etc.), media marketing, business advertising, Social Media Management, business profile building as well as business management & new entrepreneurship. SIGN-UP for TheAffiliatePool.com™ Up-dates TODAY so that we may provide all important peices of information with regards to furthering your entrepreneurial successes online in today's market.

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New Online Entrepreneur's Should have a Quality Home Based Business Connection...
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TheAffiliatePool.com@68ProductionsLLChas teamed up with key professional elements that support many aspects guiding the future of our clients new found ventures as well as online small business aspirations as an entrepreneur. These key elements help introduce easy to use no pressure aspects for the new aspiring online small business entrepreneur... That is why we know our clients have found a company that can give quality, reliable consulting in all areas of integrity when starting new online companies marketing their ideas and goals!

This company has spent many years of developing strategies to overcome a lot of obstacles, and we utilize the reliablity & quality of many of our affiliate partnerships to establish a firm foundation of professional values. Allow my company to evaluate some of the things that might be holding you back. I know what it is to have very little money to invest and not really understand the real sources to gain momentum in a market these day's online. We utilize the same programs, tools as well as remarkable mentorships to help our growth, and would like to see all new online small business entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge as well.

​​TheAffiliatePool.com@68ProductionsLLC truly understands what it takes to have when it comes to time, passion and will for a new company that invests those key things to making things happen. Put yourself in a position to create success for yourself, creating all types of positive energy around you, with no overwhelming pressure. The direction and over all action you take will define your success for the future...
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